To Deposit

1. Ensure your Wallet has the Currency required for deposit.

2. Select the Vault that you want to make a deposit in.

3. Click 'Connect Wallet'.

4. The following window will pop up. Connect the Wallet of your choice.

5. Once you are connected, you will notice that 'Connect Wallet' is now labelled as 'Opt In'. You need to first opt-in your account to the deposit contract of each vault. Click 'Opt In'.

6. You will see the following window. If your chosen vault is not in Algo, your Deposit Currency Balance will be reflected and you are required to opt-in as well. You only need to opt-in once for each Deposit Currency. Tick all boxes to opt in.

7. Now, you will see that 'Opt In' is showing 'Manage'. This means you have successfully opted in. Click 'Manage'.

8. You will see 2 tabs - Deposit and Withdraw. By default, you should be on the Deposit tab. If not, click the Deposit tab.

9. Enter your desired amount in the field. Click 'Deposit'. Now, your deposit will be queued to enter the current/next round depending on the present state (read more here). You can view your deposits under the Portfolio page under 'My Pending Requests'.

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