To Withdraw

1. Under the Portfolio page, you will see 'My Positions'. Chose the Vault you want to make a withdrawal from and click 'Go To Vault'.

2. Once you see this page, click 'Manage'.

3. The following window will pop up. Click the Withdraw tab. You will see the button telling you to opt in. Opt in is required to request a withdrawal. Click 'Opt In'.

4. After you have successfully opted in, the button will now show 'Request Withdrawal'. Do note that you are only allowed to withdraw the full amount, no partial withdrawal is permitted. Click 'Request Withdrawal'. If you are requesting for withdrawal between the end of the current round and before the next round commences, your amount is immediately claimable upon clicking 'Request Withdrawal' (read more here).

5. Now, your requested withdrawal is added to the withdrawal queue, which is processed at the end of each round. You can view your requested withdrawal under the Portfolio page as shown. You can click 'Cancel Withdraw' if you change your mind.

6. When your amount is ready to be claimed, 'Cancel Withdraw' will be changed to 'Withdraw'. Ensure that your Wallet is connected. Click 'Withdraw' to claim the full amount into your Wallet. Do note that the amount shown here is subject to change at the end of the round after settlement.

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