Introduction to Option Vaults

Option Vaults are vaults that run an automated options selling strategy, which earns yield on a weekly basis through writing out of the money options and collecting the premiums.

What are Option Vaults?

AlgoRai’s Option Vaults will automate various options writing strategies for its users by implementing smart contracts. These vaults will be running covered call strategies for BTC, ETH, and ALGO and selling put options on Stablecoins which have weekly expiries.

AlgoRai’s vaults are designed to be simple and intuitive for the user. As the principal strategies are automated, user interactions with our vaults are simple: deposit your assets, wait for yield at expiration if options settle out of the money, and eventually withdraw your assets when you choose to. In addition, your asset balance and selected strategies will be easily managed and transparent. After all, we only make money when our vault depositors do and aligning our objectives with growing your assets is our defining mission at AlgoRai.

How do Vaults Work?

Users deposit their assets into the vaults through interaction with smart contracts. The vaults automatically run option writing strategies on all deposited purchases on weekly rounds (the defined period of operation from vault commencement to expiry of the option). As the vaults perform the option selling strategies on behalf of all deposits, gas costs of all participants are socialised, making the strategy affordable and easily accessible to all.

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